eggs can lead to diabetes

People Who Consume Eggs Daily Are More Prone To Have Diabetes: Says Research

In the world, Egg is the most consumed product in breakfast because people love it. But according to the research of China Medical University and Qatar University, it is revealed that excess consumption of eggs can lead to Type-2 diabetes.

From 1991 to 2009, 2000 Chinese adults participated in the research. Researchers tried to analyze the effect on their health if they consume eggs regularly. In this research, it is found that those who have consumed eggs more than 50 grams a day. The chances of getting Type-2 diabetes are increased by 60%.

Stats Of China

In China, diabetic patients are increasing day by day. Almost 11% of the Chinese population is suffering from Type-2 diabetes. This stat is more than the World’s Average which is roughly around 8.5%.

Diabetes is a huge burden on the economy as well. 10% of the World’s Health Expenditure is spent on Diabetic people.

11% Chinese people are diabetic

Researcher Dr. Ming Li stated Diet Type-2 is one of the most prominent reasons for diabetes. So it is advised to keep a keen on your food habits which will cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

Problem Of Diabetes

1. 460 million people are suffering from diabetes

2. 78 million diabetic patients are from South East Asia out of which 77 million are Indians

3. 700 million people will become diabetic till 2045

(Report of 2019 by  International Diabetes Federation )

7.7 crore Indians are suffering from diabetes

People who wake up late should get Alert

“Night Owls” people are those who sleep late at the night and wake up late in the morning. Physical Activeness in these people are very less and they are also very prone to get Type-2 Diabetes.

Leicester and South Australia university has claimed this in their research. Head Researcher Joseph Henson revealed that Night Owls do 56% less exercise than those who get up early in the morning.

Night owls are more at risk of being diabetic

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