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Comparing Principles Of Management Given By Fw Taylor & Henry Fayol

Henry Fayol and Fw Taylor are considered as the father of Management. Fayol and Taylor have given certain Principles for Management which will help organization to grow.

Whether it is Fayol or Taylor both are bound to increase the output of the work through the various techniques that they have given to solve the problem in the management of a company.

They have worked very hard to identify the problems and given various ways how to fix those leakages. Their ways of expressing things are different but their goal is the same. But while explaining, various contradictions can be seen from their approaches to problem-solving.

Some of the key differences are in the following ways:

1. Taylor’s theory was designed in a scientific way whereas the theory of Fayol doesn’t have any scientific study and it is more inclined towards a general administrative theory.

2. Taylor’s theory focused on each and everyone in the organization whereas Fayol’s theory was limited to the upper level of management.

3. The working of Fayol’s theory is more about Top to Bottom approach oriented whereas Taylor’s theory was Bottom to Top. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages while implementing in an organization.

4. Taylor’s theory is much useful for the lower level of workers but Fayol’s theory touches every level in the organization.

5. Taylor has shown interest in the standardization of the Milieu whereas Fayol’s was more concerned about the workforce of the organization.

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