Husband’s True Love

Once there was a husband named Harry living with his wife Jane. When they got married both of they were very happy, both love each other a lot, both spend as much time together as they can. Overall they were a happily married couple. They got a child after 3 years of their marriage. Harry loves his wife so much he can’t even imagine his future without Jane. 5 years passed like this but after that suddenly one day Harry came to the house and he was drunk he started beating his wife with no reason.

After that day, he started getting late at night and whenever he came home he started abusing and beating his wife badly every day. Beating and abusing his wife Jane like this became his daily job now. Gradually, the love of Harry and Jane changing into hatred and fight. The son got scared after watching all this. Now both of them had stopped giving their time to each other and had also stopped enjoying holidays and weekends together. Jane begins to feel that her husband Harry does not love her any more & he started falling in love with other women. That’s why he everyday abused her and beat her badly. But nobody knows why suddenly Harry started behaving like that. Why he became so rude suddenly to his wife whom he loves a lot at once.

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One day in the morning Harry woke up at 10 am and when he opened his eyes he saw everything was neat and clean in the house. Every objects are on the place also his clothes ironed already, no brokerage and nothing. Harry totally forgot about what happened last night. Then he took a shower and went for breakfast on the table where his son already eating his breakfast and he saw a note on the table. His wife Jane was not in the house and she had left a note for Harry.

Dear Harry, I am really sorry please forgive me. I doubted you please forgive me, I doubted your love. Last night I came to know how much you love me and you are only mine my love sorry and I love you.

Yours Loving

After reading the note Harry got confused totally what actually happened last night; then he asked his son about last night and his son replied, Dad last night you had drunk too much so that you are not in conscious what you were doing, you fell down then Mom had taken you up to the room and when Mom was laying you on the bed you said ” Hey lady please leave me alone don’t touch me I am married and I love my wife very much please stay away from me” And after hearing this Mom immediately called your friend. Then both of us came to know that you love both of us very much. Your company has suffered a lot in the last few weeks so much that maybe it would be okay to auction it, so you were very upset and due to this, you started drinking every day. When Mom heard all this she cried a lot & and came to know that how much you love her and she doubted your love and thought that you fall in love with other women. Harry’s son was telling him the incident and all of a sudden Harry’s wife Jane came there; she tightly hugged Harry and started crying loudly.

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Jane started crying and said, ” Forgive me, I doubted your love. You were so upset for so many days and I always kept asking you, you beat me for another woman. I doubted you please Harry my love forgive me”. and cried too much. Then Harry kissed on Jane’s forehead and said, “I have also made a mistake. I didn’t tell you about my problem, I thought that you will be upset and will be very sad. That’s why I did not tell you anything and started drinking every day at night. Jane, I love you very much, I never thought of anyone else except you, I can spend my whole life with you, I just want to be with you, only with you my love. I love you…….!!!!!!”

So, guys, you saw the real definition of love from this story, how much Harry loves his wife Jane. Some misunderstandings hides our love somewhere but true unconditional love never diminishes it never ends. True unconditional love is everlasting & it lives forever.

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